I'm a makeup artist and also a hairstylist. I'm a workholic who likes to sleep in. I'm a perfectionist who knows that sometimes imperfections a masterpiece make. I enjoy helping people see their beauty that's been there all along. Sometimes I see a beautiful face... and sometimes I see a canvas. Sometimes I listen to Adagio and other times Curse of Fëanor. Sometimes I watch Gone with the Wind and other times I love Star Trek. Only one thing is constant: there's no boredom where I am.

My name is Linda Chudomelová and I reside in Prague, though I am quite capable of traveling across my little country, simply wherever I am needed. 

To my clients I offer a professional service based on meticulousness, creativity and individual approach, so that I can create a new, fresh look for you that will not overpower you, but will rather enhance your own natural beauty.



Wedding makeup
Makeup that is soft enough for your special day, yet distinct enough to look amazing on video and photos that will be your memories for years to come. Tearproof, sweatproof, waterproof... bulletproof.

from 140 Euro
Wedding hair
Smooth and sophisticated, effortlessly undone, curly, wavy or sleek, you can rock any haristyle on your wedding day. And I'll be there to make sure it stays morning-to-morning all day like a charm.

from 140 Euro
Wedding makeup and hair
I will just as gladly do both your makeup and hair. It cuts the communication in half and doubles the understanding. I do ALL weddings just as capably. No fumbling, ashiness or discrimination.

from 240 Euro
Prewedding services
With all that they entail: the super early preparations, the running-around to chase the sunrise, the wardrobe changes, the stunning views, breathtaking photographs. I can do either just the looks, or join you for the day.

from 240 Euro
Services for Your guests
Want to be surrounded by your crowd during preparation? Have them join in and enjoy the treat. Moms, bridesmaids, grandmas, sisters or anyone else. Gentlemen are welcome too!

from 40 Euro
During the day assistance
If you want to change looks between ceremony and reception or want to have a photoshoot, I offer my assistance during the entire day, to make sure you are pixel perfect every minute of it.

from 20 Euro / hour
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Two brides
Bride and groom
Bride and groom
Bride and groom
Wedding in Great Gatsby style
Bride and Maid of Honor
Bride and bridesmaids


Praha, Czech Republic

Linda the Makeup Artist

Makeup artist Linda Chudomelová at work